You may be seeing the “hype” about Metal Pless plows all over social media and hearing it at trade shows and other snow industry events.. That is because the “hype” is well deserved.

These Canadian built plows are absolute game changers for your snow and ice operation for a number of reasons. 

  1. With a hydraulic wing plow you can cover nearly double the square footage compared to a fixed push box or straight angle blade. Getting double out of each operator and machine is a major win, especially during a time where labor is difficult to hire and loaders have limited availability due to supply chain issues.

  2. With the Metal Pless patented Live Edge system you will save up to 50% on salt and abrasives. This is because the floating edge system contours to every undulation in the surface of the road or parking lot to achieve a quality scrape regardless of surface conditions.

  3. With the Metal Pless patented Live Edge system you can expect 1000+ hours of edge life on your plows. This is because the edges and shoes have carbide inserts in them for long life and the contouring system helps prevent uneven edge wear. To put things in perspective, a standard AR400 edge plow will typically achieve 100-150 hours of edge life.

  4. These truly are the heaviest and best designed plows on the market. We challenge you to look at a Metal Pless side by side with ANY other brand of loader or tractor plow and see for yourself. 
    1. Thicker steel throughout the build and the wings are made of AR400 steel. 
    2. Larger bore cylinders 
    3. Heavier built hooks/hitches and float systems 
    4. Large pivot pins for the wings with plenty of grease points for longevity
    5. Well routed hydraulic system is protected from damage 

You may be wondering, “If these plows are so great, why aren’t more people running them?”. The simple answer is that Metal Pless is very new to the USA market and they are just now starting to gain momentum. A great indicator of product success is the rate of repeat and referred buyers. We are proud to say that over 75% of our sales at Storm Equipment are repeat and referred customers. Want to see for yourself? Contact us today and we would love to chat more about it. We can also provide a long list of referrals to our customer’s who will confirm that Metal Pless has been a game changer for them and that they don’t ever plan to buy a different brand or type of snow plow. 

Click Here to see a YouTube of these Metal Pless snow pushers in action!

Written by Jordan Smith

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