Metal Pless snow plow plowing snow at night

About Storm Equipment

Storm Equipment is what was formerly the Metal Pless division of Voigt Smith Innovation (VSI).

The roots of Storm Equipment lie in our commercial snow and ice contracting company in Southern Minnesota. We purchased our first Metal Pless plow in 2016 off of a trade show floor and the rest is history.

We immediately recognized the efficiency benefits of a hydraulic wing plow as we were able to double our productivity per machine. One year later we updated the rest of our fleet to Metal Pless Live Edge plows and began distributing Metal Pless equipment throughout the USA.

With physical locations in multiple states and knowledgeable staff we are here to support your Metal Pless journey from start to finish!

Metal Pless Maxxpro with live edge pushing a large snow pile at night

What We Do

Storm Equipment is the largest distributor and support arm for Metal Pless products in the USA and have many plows in stock year around.

We can offer direct warranty support for Metal Pless, even if you did not purchase your plow from Storm Equipment.

We stock thousands of parts which can be picked up in person and multiple USA locations or overnight shipped if you are in a pinch. Parts can be ordered 24/7 on our comprehensive online store or you can call or email if you aren't sure what you need.

Get in touch today and join Team Storm!