Which harness do you need?

Each hydraulic wing plow is controlled from inside the cab of your machine. This requires a wiring harness and controller. Some loaders have controllers built into the joysticks while others need to add it.

Read below to learn which harness is right for your machine. As always, feel free to reach out to us if you are unsure or would like assistance finding the best option for your machine!

  • Solenoid Harness

    The lower section of the plow side harnesses by Storm Equipment. Two are required per plow.

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  • 8 pin Metal Pless plug

    8 Pin

    An 8 pin plug as shown above is most common on CAT compact wheel loaders from Cat 904 up to Cat 920. Click below if this is what you need.

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  • 14 pin Metal Pless harness

    14 Pin

    The most common plug type. This will be found on most skid steers and some compact wheel loaders but there are some pinout variations brand by brand. Click below to see the different brand and pinout options

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  • 4 pin harness for Metal Pless Plow

    4 Pin

    The 4 pin connector is the style used if your machine does not have any built in 8 pin or 14 pin plug. This harness is hard wired into your machine and the controls are mounted somewhere in the cab either on the dash, control panel or on the joystick. Click below if this is what you need.

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