4 Pin Harness Options

  • Rocker Switch control for controlling a Metal Pless Plow

    Rocker Switch

    The light up rocker switch can be installed on the dash of your loader, next to the joystick or mounted to the joystick if you build a custom bracket. This 3 way rocker switch allows you to control the left plow wing by clicking the switch to the left, the right plow wing when switched to the right, and the center moldboard when left in the center neutral position. The side that is activated lights up to easily display what you are controlling even in a dark cab.

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  • Joystick controller to control a Metal Pless Plow


    The joystick is most often used on an ag tractor or some wheel loaders with a hydraulic lever. It can be mounted to one of your remote handles. There are two momentary buttons located on the handle. When the left one is held the left wing can be controlled. When the right one is held the right wing can be controlled. If neither button is held you will be able to control the center moldboard.

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  • The Storm Push

    The Storm Push Momentary Switch is a unique, new to the market option that can work on any machine with a control joystick. The Storm Push simply zipties to the joystick handle and has two momentary switches. When the top button is held, you will control the left wing. When the bottom button is held you will control the right wing. When no button is held, you will control the center moldboard.

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