Metal Pless PlowMaxx PLLT 0827-13 STD

The PlowMaxx PLLT 0827-13 STD has a 8' center moldboard, two 2.5' wings, and a height of 27" tall.   The STD Edge and shoes are made from AR400 steel just like the HD edge.  This edge will not contour to the surface like the LiveEdge version will.  The hydraulic wings give the operator the versatility to complete every step of the snow removal process with the same machine.  This allows for reduced machines on site along with less operators being needed.

The wiring harness is included in the price of this plow.  You will need to specify which harness you need prior to delivery of the plow.  Using this helpful tool, you can figure out which harness will be needed for your machine.

Click here to figure out which harness you need.

This price of this plow does not include a machine mounted coupler.  The standard upgrade is the skid steer quick coupler (+$475) which will mount to most skid steers and small compact loaders.  Although rare, your machine may need a special coupler for this size plow.

Metal Pless warranties all plows for 1 year from date of purchase. This is a parts-only warranty that is backed and supported by Storm Equipment in the USA Marketplace. Please read the factory manual for further details.

Metal Pless PlowMaxx

The Metal Pless PlowMaxx snow pusher is designed to mount to several different machines. These include toolcats, small skid steers, small wheel loaders, medium size wheel loaders, and backhoes. It has hydraulic wings and three options for the cutting edge, LiveEdge, Standard Edge, or HD edge. This plow is ideal for medium to small sized parking lots where maneuverability is key. The PlowMaxx snow plow allows you to remain agile while also having the capacity to move a large amount of snow. Storm Equipment is a Metal Pless dealer for the entire USA market and we offer full sales, service, parts, and support.