MaxxPro: LiveEdge or HD

  • Metal Pless LiveEdge Plow

    LiveEdge (Recommended)

    Metal Pless' patented Live Edge system is far and away the best floating edge system on the market. The 24" edge segments float up and down in order to perfectly contour to uneven road or parking lot surfaces, reducing salt and abrasive material usage by 50% or more. The edges also have a soft drive trip system to prevent damage to your customer's property and your machine.

    With the floating system and standard carbide inserts in the edges and shoes you can expect the best consumable parts life on the market. Many users report getting 1000+ hours out of their edges and shoes, this could be 5+ seasons, even in high snowfall markets. 

    We ALWAYS suggest going with the Live Edge option when shopping for a Maxxpro as the 10% price difference compared to an HD model will be paid for in less than on season

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  • Metal Pless MaxxPro HD Edge


    Contrary to the name "HD" the Metal Pless HD line of plows are not "heavier duty" than the other Metal Pless plow options. Rather they are distinguished by their upgraded soft drive trip edge system. 

    This edge system made of AR400 steel does not float and contour over uneven surfaces like Live Edge plows, but it does break the edge into smaller sections and soften the "blow" to obstacles, machines and operators when the edges trip.

    The HD plows are much less popular in the USA due to the proximity in price to the Live Edge models without the benefit of a floating edge system or standard carbide inserts for substantially longer edge life. 

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