So by now I think most of us know that the hydraulic wing plow from MetalPless is one of the most versatile and efficient plows on the market for a number of reasons.  So why would I want to buy a LiveBoxx for my fleet instead of a wing plow?  We will discuss a few of the reasons why LiveBoxx might be the right option for you to Push Through the Storm. 


Training/Ease of Use

While the hydraulic wing plow is very efficient and versatile, it can take a few storms for a less experienced operator to master the proper scrape angle, setup, and most efficient use of the wings for maximum productivity. Often what we will see with a less experienced operator on a hydraulic wing plow is they will run them with the wings straight ahead, like a conventional push box until they get more comfortable running the plow. 

The LiveBoxx is very straightforward.  Just like any other box plow, you set it on the ground in the right position and go. The LiveBoxx with the LiveEdge technology is still going to give you all of the benefits with reducing salt usage, carbide edges for long wear life, and shoes which bear the weight of the plow and can be easily replaced when worn out. 

On a LiveBoxx, without the moving wings, there isn’t much that could go wrong with the plow during a storm. While the Metal Pless hydraulic wing plow design is the most bullet proof on the market, some owners and operators can grow concerned about failures of hydraulic lines or other moving parts. The LiveBoxx can be a good alternative to alleviate those concerns. 

So while you don’t have the same versatility and efficiency of the wing plow, the ease of operation is a reason to consider a LiveBoxx as an option for your next plow.


Since the LiveBoxx is such a simple plow it is also a lot cheaper to purchase than a wing plow. The LiveBoxx doesn’t have any hydraulics, electrical, or as many replaceable parts as a wing plow which means you save money on initial cost of the plow as well as long term maintenance costs. With the patented carbide LiveEdge edges you are going to get years of life out of your edges before they need to be replaced. The nice thing about the LiveBoxx is outside of edges and shoes, which are your wear parts, there isn’t much else to worry about with these plows


Ease of Hookup

Once you have a plow with the proper set of hooks for the equipment that you run ,you are able to swap a LiveBoxx between machines very easily. Again when you don’t have the hydraulics and electrical needs for the plow they can swap instantly. This makes it a perfect plow for someone that might be leasing/renting the machine short term.
This ease of transition between machines makes it ideal in some situations. Use the following link to see what hooks are available to get your LiveBoxx ready for use.

Sites and Operation Setup

Depending on how your sites are set up as well as other equipment on the sites with you, the LiveBoxx might be your best option while again still getting the LiveEdge scrape that is so desired. If you plan to have other machines cutting out curb lines, back dragging  and windrowing snow for you and you just need something to push and stack up piles, a LiveBoxx may be the most cost effective option.
If you have a site with other hydraulic wing plows on it and just need a back and forth work pile stacking workhorse, check out a LiveBoxx. 

Keep it simple, the box pusher will always have a role in the snow industry depending on site layout and setup, so if it's the right fit for your situation, get the box with the best and longest lasting scrape in the industry. 


Metal Pless Liveboxx on a cat 906 wheel loader


So while the LiveBoxx isn’t going to give you the same versatility and increased efficiency of the wing plow, there is still a long list of ways it can be beneficial to your fleet. The box does not have any of the learning curve to get the operator up to speed. The Live Edge edges with the carbide inserts are going to give you years of use before replacing keeping your cost down as well as give you the ability to cut your salt use in half. The lack of hydraulics and electrical make it great for swapping machines or if you are leasing/renting machines you can put them on any machine easily. The LiveBoxx might also just make more sense for your situation depending on your sites and setup. Give us a call today or check out the link to learn more about how the LiveBoxx might be the best plow for you to Push Through the Storm.


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Written by Brady Lux

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