Who is Storm Equipment?

Storm Equipment is a spinoff of the Metal Pless Sales/Service division of Voigt Smith Innovation (VSI).

VSI began selling Metal Pless snow plows and parts in 2017 and quickly became the largest distributor and supporter of the brand in the USA. Fast forward to 2022 and the VSI Metal Pless division grew so large that we have formed a dedicated business just to support our Metal Pless customers.

Why Should You Care?

Being an independent entity gives us the opportunity to better serve our customers and grow in the right direction.  We are offering a unique service that hasn't been available in the United States.

Some of Storm’s benefits and uniques include: 

  1. We stock hundreds of plows.  No need to wait for factory lead times on many common models and we can ship anywhere in the USA in 2 weeks or less.  Same day pickup is also available!
  2. We stock thousands of parts.  No need to wait for shipping from Canada when you need parts fast. Shipping costs are also often lower.  Overnight shipping or pick up parts in person same day from locations in Minnesota and Pennsylvania. 
  3. We offer USA warranty support for Metal Pless products. 
  4. We have knowledgeable staff who have actually run Metal Pless equipment for years in our commercial snow company. 
  5. Order anything and everything from our website, from plows, to parts and Storm merch 24/7. 
  6. Enterprise and volume discounts available. 
  7. Demo units available on a first come first serve basis, see the Metal Pless and Storm difference first hand! 
  8. Seasonal rental units available on a first come first serve basis.   
  9. At Storm Equipment we are so confident that you will be pleased with your Metal Pless products and the support we provide, that we will buy it back if you are not satisfied. 

At Storm Equipment we work very closely with Metal Pless to ensure we can offer our customers factory level service here in the USA! Give us a call today to join Team Storm and let us prove it to you!

Written by Jordan Smith

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