Metal Pless CityMaxx CT 1048-20 LE

The CityMaxx CT 1048-20 LE has a 10' center moldboard, two 5' wings, and a height of 48" tall.  This plow utilizes the LiveEdge cutting edge system.  This edge contains carbide inserts and is capable of following the contours of the surface which, in turn, reduces up to 50% of salt or abrasives usage.  It CANNOT be equipped with an undercarriage mount due to the length of the wings.

A DVDE (electric diverter valve) is required UNLESS your tractor has 4 remotes to control all plow functions.

If you have selected a DVDE for your setup, you will receive a 4 pin full harness with a joystick controller to operate the plow.

We highly recommend the tire saver upgrade and the nitrogen accumulator upgrade for all AgriMaxx plows. 

Metal Pless warranties all plows for 1 year from date of purchase. This is a parts-only warranty that is backed and supported by Storm Equipment in the USA Marketplace. Please read the factory manual for further details. 

DVDE (Electric Diverter Valve)

Metal Pless AgriMaxx

The Metal Pless AgriMaxx snow pusher is designed to mount to an AG tractor. It has hydraulic wings and three options for the cutting edge, LiveEdge, Standard Edge, or HD edge. This plow has a wide range of applications. On the lower end, this plow is perfect for small areas that require maneuverability. On the other end of this spectrum, the large AgriMaxx snow plows are great for large open areas as well. Storm Equipment is a Metal Pless dealer for the entire USA market and we offer full sales, service, parts, and support.