Compact Wheel Loaders 

 Machine Weight Example Model Plow Match (Option 1) Plow Match (Option 2) Plow Match (Option 3)

6,000-8,000 lbs

Wacker WL32-36, Vovlo L20 PlowMaxx PLLT 0627-11 STD
8,000-10,000 lbs CAT 903, JD 204, Case 21F, Volvo L25 PlowMaxx PLSS 0730-12 STD PlowMaxx PLSS 0830-13 STD
10,000-12,000 lbs CAT 906, Case 221, JD 304, Kubota R630, Volvo L30 PlowMaxx PLSS 0830-13 LE

PlowMaxx PLBH 0736-13 LE

PlowMaxx PLBH 0836-14 LE

PlowMaxx PLBH 0936-15 LE
12,000-15,000 lbs CAT 908, Case 321, JD 324, Volvo L35 PlowMaxx PLBH 0936-15 LE PlowMaxx PLBH 0836-16 LE PlowMaxx PLBH 1036-16 LE
15,000-17,500 lbs CAT 910 PlowMaxx PLBH 1036-16 LE 

PlowMaxx PLBH 1236-18 LE

PlowMaxx PLLD 0842-15 LE

PlowMaxx PLLD 0842-16 LE

PlowMaxx PLLD 1042-17 LE
17,500-20,000 lbs JD 344, CAT 914, Volvo L45 PlowMaxx PLLD 0842-15 LE

PlowMaxx PLLD 0842-16 LE

PlowMaxx PLLD 1042-17 LE

PlowMaxx PLLD 1042-18 LE

PlowMaxx PLLD 1242-19 LE

Options 1, 2 and 3: The reason we offer 3 options is because every company and operator has a different set of circumstances. In general, option 1 is going to be the "smallest" plow we would suggest for the listed machine size. Option 2 is going to be "just right" in most situations, and Option 3 is going to be the "largest" plow we typically suggest for the listed machine size. 

Some factors that go into this consideration include: 

  • Climate region- Will you typically be plowing wet and heavy snow, or powder? Lots of snow at once or only a few inches at a time? 
  • Are your operators experienced or green? A good operator knows how to get the most out of a machine and likely could handle a larger plow. 
  • Are you running snow tires or dirt/all terrains? This makes a major difference in most situations
  • How long of pushes will the machine be doing? There is no reason to oversize a plow if it will be dedicated to a site with 1000' pushes as you will likely max the machine out whether your machine is large or small. On the flip side, for very small sites, a larger plow can be beneficial, as long as it does not decrease your agility on that site.