Storm Cat 14 Pin Plow Side Harness

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Cat 14 pin plow side harness with coiled wire that can expand to fit a wide variety of machines. It is also compact so to limit wires dragging or becoming tangled and being wore through or pinched.

The added Deutsch connectors allow you to easily swap out the lower solenoid part of the harness where it connects to the coils as this is the portion that typically fails on these harnesses. This can allow for quick and easy field repairs in case a harness does become damaged, reducing downtime and frustration. 

Solenoid harnesses are sold separately and are required to make a full harness.

Please call us if you are unsure of machine compatibility.


This harness requires two solenoid harnesses to connect to the plow.  If you are in need of the entire harness, from machine to plow, please add two of the following solenoid harnesses to your order.

Storm Solenoid Harness